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Kid’s drums

Course description

We drum with djembes (African drums) and use numerous percussion instruments to expand the sound. In our courses and workshops, the children are introduced to music and rhythm in a playful way and experience the free use of creativity. Children’s drums is a form of music and movement training in which the melody, shape, rhythm, expression and dynamics of music are translated into movement. The concept is based on a holistic, socio-pedagogically oriented training principle, where individual creativity and social behavior in the community is promoted through coordination and spatial control.


  • Fun and enjoyable learning
  • Development of new rhythmically creative elements / content without pressure and constraint
  • Learn hyphenation
  • Improving coordination and concentration skills
  • Promotion of social skills through rhythm in all its facets
  • Experience group dynamic processes
  • Recognize your own limits and expand them in a playful way

All children’s drums course contents are individually customized to the needs of all participating children.

Duration 12 Units
Level Für Kindergärten
Zeitraum Ganzjährig
Alter 2 - 6 Jahre
Teilnehmerzahl max. 15 Kinder
Ort Kindergärten
Price 162,00 

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