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Wilderness Days

Course description

We arouse children’s curiosity!

We explore nature with its flora and fauna. The observation of forest, meadow and water in the course of the seasons is an essential part of the wilderness day workshops. The child-friendly approach strengthens the meaningful contact between child and nature.

Exercising outdoors improves the immune system, motor skills, body safety and body awareness. In “wild nature” the children train all the senses. The silence and the voice of nature require careful listening, which increases inner peace, balance and well-being. The children observe, discover, investigate, research, ask and find answers themselves.

Experiences of nature in the group are important for social competence. With new experiences, old behavior patterns can be broken down and new ones discovered.


  • Fun and joy in nature
  • Develop a loving approach to nature
  • Getting to know successful collaborations in the animal and plant world
  • Nature in changing seasons
  • Animals and plants in the child’s world
  • The creative use of nature

All experience units are individually customized to the needs of all participating children.

Duration 4 units
Level Für Kindergärten
Zeitraum Ganzjährig
Teilnehmerzahl ab 10 Personen
Ort Wien / NÖ / Stmk
Dauer 2 Stunden
Price 112,00 

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