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Drums and rhythm

Course description

The motto is “Discover trust in yourself and in the group”! Children and teenagers experience in a playful way without pressure to get involved in something new.

Together we develop different rhythms and let them sound at the same time. By dealing with drums, percussion instruments and in general with rhythm, one’s own or mutual perception is demanded and social behavior strengthened. When making music together in a group, young people experience their own limits and those of others.

Our courses and workshops guide you through numerous processes for reducing tension/aggression and building self-esteem as well as developing personal security in expression and social behavior. We lay the foundation for this with musical elements, because life begins with rhythm!


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  • Fun and enjoyable learning
  • Development of new rhythmically creative elements/content without pressure and constraint
  • Improving coordination and concentration skills
  • Promotion of social skills through rhythm in all its facets
  • Experience group dynamic processes
  • Recognize your own limits and expand them in a playful way
  • Experience of “I and We” feeling

All course and workshop contents are individually tailored to the needs of the group.

Duration 12 units
Level Für Schulen
Zeitraum Ganzjährig
Alter 7 - 17 Jahre
Teilnehmerzahl max. 25 Kinder
Ort Schule / Hort
Price 172,00 

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